shutterstock_129348527 FFranco Accountants has been working for over 25 years offering its clients strategic and precise information that help executives in decision making and measurement of results. In addition, Franco works as a partner to its clients so that the accounting plan is well structured enabling the development of the company. Our service portfolio covers accounting, fiscal, labor, corporate and tax areas. With offices in the cities of São Paulo, Ribeirão Preto (SP) and Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Franco serves over 400 clients of different sizes and economical segments. We are approximately 80 staff members that dedicate every day to making it easier to understand the numbers so that accounting can be used as a management and strategic tool.




Reinaldo Franco

Founding partner of Franco Accountants, Accountant with an MBA in Controlling, he has worked for over 30 years in accounting for companies of all sizes and economical segments. Throughout his professional career he has been CFO of SRTP Teleperformance and Fiscal Officer of Combustol-Metalpó. He was also an Executive of Sescon-SP, between 1998 and 2010, one of the most important and influential employer associations of Brazil. He is considered a specialist in corporate consulting, tax planning, cost management, managerial and strategic accounting, among other areas.

Viviane Cristina Franco

Partner at Franco Accountants, accountant and lawyer with a master in Law from Universidade Damásio de Jesus and MBA in Tax Management at Fipecafi. She has worked as financial officer to companies such as Thornton Americas Holdings (2007/2008) and MO&PC Collections Brazil (2002/2008), in which she was also Country Manager. She was Financial and Administrative Officer of Rede Nacional de Contabilidade – RNC (2009/2012) and she is a partner lawyer at Franco & Fabrício Lawyer Associates.

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