Along its 25 years of experience, Franco Accountants has specialized in the following areas:


The accounting area is responsible for evaluation, control, interpretation and registration of the transactions involving the assets of the companies. It prepares the accounting and financial statements in accordance with the rules and principles accepted in the country. Other than financial and corporate accounting, the area also provides services regarding managerial, strategic and cost accounting. In addition, the area is also responsible for preparing Income Tax reports – for corporate and natural person.



Area responsible for bookkeeping fiscal records, calculating and controlling direct and indirect taxes. The fiscal area also prepares, manages and delivers the companies’ ancillary obligations to the government authorities. This area is also concerned with complying with federal, state and local legislation in force.


This area performs and complies with all the daily activities in connection with the human resources department and the Labor and Social Security legislation (Consolidação das Leis do Trabalho (CLT) and Previdência Social, respectively). It is responsible for processing payroll and compensation payments, as well as supporting the management of the human resources department within the company.


Corporate composition requires constant attention. The corporate area of Franco Accountants is responsible for corporate planning and constitution, merge, acquisitions, spin-off, incorporations and consulting to share and quota holders. It also provides services in connection with corporate compliance before the competent agencies, such as registry, commercial registry, municipality and treasury offices.


In a country where tax issues are complex and relevant, knowing the rules and well planning the reports to tax authorities is extremely important. One of the greatest advantages of Franco Accountants is the ability to plan and optimize the tax burden on its clients. Also, we possess an expertise in connection with tax recovery.